Wednesday, 22 December 2010


No. 3

I got on a tram again yesterday.  It was raining hard and I had to be somewhere and was dressed up and wearing heels and didn't want to walk for half an hour...enough excuses already???

OK.  Thanks.

Because of the rain all the carriages were packed full.  The only place for me was right in front of the double doors.  Along with 437 other people.

The next stop was very popular.  A lot of passengers wanted to disembark.  And so, as is the French way (you know, those romantic Frogs), I received a sharp elbow in my back, whilst at the same time, in front of me, a young father rammed his child's buggy over my foot.  

I'd had enough.  Months and months of this typically appalling behaviour. Something snapped and I said VERY loudly - in English:-

For God's sake!  How RUDE!!!

Everyone stopped in their tracks.  The man with the buggy looked sheepish, and others endeavouring to get off gave me as wide a berth as they could.

At the next stop the 54 people wishing to alight were shouting over each other to say Pardon Madame, excusez-moi, desolee...


1 A cross woman

69 Downtrodden passengers

ANSWER: Shout loudly in English.

Bottle of champagne in the post. 


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